Week 18: Little Seeds

We had a few frost scares this week! Hard to believe after such a hot few days. Like all farmers (and people in general), I’m having to learn the art of being aware of what’s going on without spending time worrying, especially when there’s nothing to be done but wait and see.

There are so many variables in farming, I’m amazed every time that food appears. I will never tire of thinking on how such tiny seeds interact with bacteria in soil to create such nutrient-dense foods. Then how that food becomes energy for our bodies. It’s mesmerizing, awe-inspiring, and magical.

Winter Squash are curing in the greenhouse now! Amazing process of finishing up ripening in a warm, dry spot out of the field.

This week is likely the last of tomatoes as the plants are mostly on their way out. Wowza, what a run they gave us. At this point, all of you might have had well over 20 pounds of tomatoes! I hope you’ve been enjoying them for all their organic, no-till, heirloom yumminess.

B, S, & T with tomato soup–Bacon, Sprouts, and Tomato from Member Marie!

This week:
Eggplant, Okra, or Tomatillos
Escarole or Turnips
Arugula, Rocket, or Spinach
Yukina, Mesculun Mix, or Spicy Mix
Lettuce Mix or Head Lettuce
Kale, Collard, or Braising Mix
Parsley, Cilantro, Dill, Savory, Sage, or Sorrel

Member Allison has been such a life saver this season, helping me set up at Garrison and bringing me iced coffee. Shout out to all the folks that have jumped in during my harried moments of set up to get through the last push!

This funny little spinach leaf grew like a trumpet!

In wonder and awe,

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