Week 15: Being Cool

We’re quick-sliding toward Autumn, folks. Maybe it’s more like we’ve started rolling down a grassy, green hill spinning faster and faster while the leaves change color and we laugh uncontrollably!
We’ve gotten into the 40’s some of the past few nights; some places have already had a frost!
The frenzy of the season is beginning to slow to a fathomable pace and thankfully, weeds are slowing down, too.

I want to share this week about a dear friends’ photo story. He visited me a few months ago and documented the time in his special way. His profile of me is honoring, honest, and has offered me many moments of reflection about this endeavor. It’s been a tough season of life but it’s been so rich and full that it makes me grateful even for the difficulty.
Sometimes we young farmers are seen as hip, cool, or novel. Ha! I don’t usually feel cool–I often feel tired, overwhelmed, dirty, and not that glamorous. This piece shows the breadth of daily life for a new, young farmer; it shows some of my favorite moments like harvest and laughs with friends; and it shows why I am even here–you all!

This week’s share:
Lettuce Mix or Head Lettuce
Spinach, Yukina, Arugula, Rocket, or Spicy Mix
Another round of escarole!
Leeks or Scallions
Beets or Carrots
Cherry Tomatoes or big tomatoes
Summer Squash, Eggplant, or Okra
Husk Cherries or Tomatillos
Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers
Garlic or Onion
Kale, Chard, or Collard Greens
Parsley, Savory, Tulsi, or Sage

Here are some photos of yummy dishes from Members Pat and Marie.

Happy share-ing,

1 thought on “Week 15: Being Cool

  1. Oh my! This is a lovely tribute!

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