Week 14: Labor Day Remembrance

As some of us have talked about and I share about here, my path to small-scale farming has come through learning about the exploitation of agricultural laborers in our industrial-scale food system.

As I harvested and weeded today, I took moments to call to remembrance some of the heroes I’ve learned so much from: Mother Jones, Cesar Chavez, Dorothy Day, Vandana Shiva….the list goes deep and wide to all those who have advocated, cared, and worked for manual laborers in our own nation as well as the people we affect abroad through our economics and production.

How fitting that many people celebrate this holiday and time off with food and loved ones. That’s what we fight for–that everyone may have access to healthy food that nourishes and enough time to spend with family enjoying it.

I save the best for Members, but this weekend market harvest is needed for the plants and keeps me connected to the wider community. Next year, I hope to help increase the reach of our sweet Pine Bush market so even more folks (especially families with kids!) can enjoy the nutrient-dense, tasty food Four Winds’ soil offers.

This week’s share:
Autumn is upon us and these cold nights have slowed the tomatoes waaaaaaay down. You’ll still get some to keep enjoying so eat up!
Peppers are still slowly ripening. You can freeze them for later use: http://food.unl.edu/freezing-sweet-bell-and-hot-peppers
Eggplant as available! Here’s a yummy recipe I can vouch for:  http://bakerbynature.com/crispy-eggplant-tomato-breakfast-hash/
Dragon Tongue beans
Kale, Chard, or Collard Greens
Radishes, Scallions, or Beets
Carrots and Leeks for everyone this week! Did you know leeks help our bodies fight inflammation?!
Garlic and a big onion
Parsley, Savory, Dill, Sage, or Tulsi basil
Lettuce Mix, Head Lettuce, or Arugula

My little backyard.

May I continually take moments to think on the systems I participate in that keep others from flourishing; may I be ever-grateful to all the farm (and other production) workers that make my life more comfortable. May I never cease to stand alongside those that are neglected and abused; may I always take seriously the responsibility of treating the land and those around me with constant respect and care.

Happy Labor Day, my dear Members!

***In honor of Honesto Silva Ibarra***

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