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Week 17: Heat Wave

As our dear ones in the south are dealing with excess water, we here are having a heat wave while we wish for rain!
The tomatoes are loving this though and I spoke too soon about having green tomatoes–everyone is ripening up out there, some varieties are tiny but tastier than ever.
Peppers are still coming in and eggplant are slow but strong.
Because of the shorter days of sunlight, everyone is slowing down some. When we can make it through this heat, the greens will get sweeter and sweeter moving toward frost.



Katherine and Meghan volunteered to help continue the potato harvest.

We at the farm are spending our energy keeping hydrated and preparing for a dear friends’ special party in the midst of regular harvest. We have a close-knit community where we share sadness about the pains in the world and laugh for the joys. It’s always sweet to have moments to reflect on our relationships and celebrate the miraculous work we are participating in together.

This week:
Tomatoes, big and cherry
Tomatillos or Husk Cherries
Escarole or Scallions
Carrots or Leeks
Beets or Tokyo Market Turnips (!)
Arugula, Wild Rocket, Spinach, Micro Greens, or Yukina
Kale, Collard Greens, Braising Mix, Japanese Mizuna (!)
Parsley, Dill, Sage, or Tulsi


Shout out to friends from the city who came up to do some serious weeding and serious laughing!


Member Lisa helped me stay cool this week when she shared her homemade, amazing, tasty Honey Lavender Custard!


Members Mike and Donna ride their bikes out to pick up their share–Mike had to get creative to get the giant escarole home!

Cheers to keeping up with ourselves and these wild, cultivated, amazing plants,


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