Week 10 All the Colors

It’s so chilly out there! I have been wearing a jacket the past few days of working and the nights are pretty unbelievable.
Even with the cool weather, the tomatoes and peppers are moving along and you can enjoy all the colors.

I often stop for moments during working to appreciate the intricacy and vividness of the colors on the farm. There are yellows, purples, reds, pinks, dozens of greens, blues, and oranges. It’s quite amazing and I hope you are loving it, too!

Each color gives our body a different gift and all of them together make for an abundant life of wellness.
Here’s a great page about the particular nutrients different colors provide: http://www.foodinsight.org/Eat_a_Rainbow_Functional_Foods_and_Their_Colorful_Components

This week you’ll see:
Sunburst Carrots and beautiful Beets
Beans–green, yellow, or purple
Parsley or Dill
Cilantro or Basil
Hard Neck Garlic
Lettuce Mix, Head Lettuce, or Arugula
Greens Mix for sauteing or soup

Hopefully a few eggplant, okra, and husk cherries will make an appearance.

Here’s a recipe from member Lorraine:

Switch it up with a different green or add a hot pepper if you like some spice!

Here’s member Heidi who has been gracing me with her lovely presence and flower knowledge for making market bouquets.

Stopping for some moments of wonder,

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