Week 9: Peaks

Being a CSA member makes you more attune to the flow of the growing season–you experience the peaks of each crop along with the farmers; you eat what is actually available after all the variables of growing have their say on what’s possible this year.
Inverse of the peaks are dips in output–though those cold nights and cool days make it nice to be outside, it definitely causes the plants to slow down on growing and producing.

Obviously, these waves also happen in non-food life and we experience peaks and valleys in many ways.
This week was a high as I started using my recently purchased distribution vehicle! We’re calling it The Veggie Van and it sure can fit a lot!

The Veggie Van is heeeeerrrreeee!

We’ve passed one peak in cucumbers as we wait for the new flowers to produce more fruit; we enjoy the peak of fresh beans so crispy and abundant; we look forward to a peak of yummy, tangy tomatoes!

This week PEPPERS begin to make an appearance–I refrained from harvesting for market to save every possible beauty for you all this week!

You’ll also start to get garlic as a choice.
Here’s a great source for some garlic info about the difference in soft and hard neck varieties: https://www.thespruce.com/hardneck-and-softneck-garlic-2540056

Choices between:
Carrots and Beets
Kohlrabi, Celery, and Fennel
Chard and kale
Lettuce and Spicy Mix
Arugula and Wild Rocket
Scallions and Braising Mix greens

Here’s a post about using lovely purple basil: http://www.farmgirlfare.com/2008/06/purple-basil-pesto-easiest-white-bean.html

The kale and chard keep giving to us throughout the season but are slowing down for now as the plants get through the heat.
Some of you met Sara who came to help me with all the big and little tasks for a few days–such a treat to have her with me!
You all don’t get to see him much, but this little creature is a peak for me always! Prince Ali helps keep me sane.

Thanks for riding the waves of the season and life with me!

Always growing,

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