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Week 11 Tooooommmattoes!

I got a lovely visit from Alli this weekend and it made such a wonderful impact on my heart!
She and a few other friends helped me catch up on weeding and gave me enough of a jump that I could take some time off!
Plus, it’s just amazing to be around such a skilled and positive farmer and friend.

Also enjoyed a day with some young members helping clear potato beds for digging and harvesting husk cherries.


Hoping for some future farmers here!

This week you’ll get more pounds of tomatoes and more kinds of peppers!

Introducing slender leeks!
More beans to choose from and enjoy–try this pickling recipe:
A choice between lettuce mix, arugula, wild rocket, and spicy mix.
An onion and garlic.
Cucumbers and summer squash–they’re slowing down for the season.
A variety of herbs to choose from: basil, parsley, dill, cilantro, tulsi, and savory.
You can choose between kale, chard, and braising mix.

Here’s a picture of some lovely pickles from lovely Member Marie.

Cabbage is almost finished until fall.

With big shoes to fill and a full grateful heart,

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