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Week 13: Delicata

No matter how many times I am reminded of it, the delicate nature of farming and growth always amazes me.
The tiniest seeds become the tiniest starts that somehow weather all the odds to feed us big food. It’s miraculous and profound and so commonplace around us.

I hurriedly hand weed the new seeding of cilantro, picking out the baby purslane, clover, and grasses, just wisps away from the crop seedlings. I show volunteers how to stay on the pathways between the beds to avoid compacting the precious soil.
I feel underneath a big, beautiful tomato, checking for full ripeness and deciding how long it can “hold” on the vine.
All us farmers working for agility, deeper kinetic knowledge, and efficiency of movement.
All these moments are fragile and bold, moving as quickly as possible around delicate but strong plants. This dance is the career and art of farming!

This week you’ll get the first of the winter squash harvest!
Delicata and Spaghetti Squash

New this week will also be the Yukina Savoy asain green. You can saute it with any other green and add your favorites:
Yukina Savoy greens and Mushrooms

Eggplant, Tomatillos, and okra (as available)
Lettuce mix, spinach, spicy mix, arugula, or wild rocket
Kale, swiss chard, or collard greens
Dill, cilantro, parsley, summer savory, or tulsi basil
Garlic or onion

Here’s for using your yummy tomatillos:

A simple idea from Member Judy for cherry tomato sauce and pasta:
“Heat cherry tomatoes in olive oil for a very short time, add salt, serve.”

May we have some moments this week of being mesmerized, amazed, and impacted by food.

In amazed hope and trust,



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