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Week 7: Humidity reigns!

Have you been outside the past week during these *humid* days?! It’s the kind of work where you drip sweat just being outside. Coming from Missouri, I started my farming in high humidity, but it still announces summer in its own way up here in the NE.
We watch storms roll in over the ridge, racing the wind to beat the drops of rain coming and keeping an eye/ear out for lightning.
The summer plants are happier with the heat and have actually had enough water this year without much irrigation. The tomatoes keep growing growing and the cucumbers are in their stride.

Items for this week:
Green Beans!
Fresh Onions!
Summer Squash
Napa/Chinese Cabbage
Red or Green Cabbage

Head Lettuce or Arugula
Wild Rocket
Lettuce Mix
Yukina Asian Greens


Here are several carrot recipes to try out!

Try adding some of your Tulsi or Thai basil to this Indian-inspired carrot dish:

This week everyone gets amazing Napa Cabbage, one of the first veggies I learned to love as a new farmer.
Other CSA folks have also wondered what to do with it and here are some ideas:


Flowering thistle. So beautiful but gotta get it outta the field!



The winter squash is getting bigger each day, spreading out over the whole field.


Shout out to our youngest volunteer yet! Ben came with his mom to help wash crates, take compost scraps to the barnyard (and meet the pigs), and pull out some old lettuce beds. Thank you for the hard work, Mr. Ben!


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