Week 8: A little help from our friends

Since beginning harvest season, I have had someone each week help get it finished just in time–friends visiting from out of town, volunteers wanting to learn some about farming, CSA members, and the Four Winds crew. It’s been really amazing to be part of such an ecosystem, and to learn how to just rest in the dependence we have on one another.

One learns so much about trust and miracle whilst farming–little seeds grow into big foods, rough transplants get strong and healthy, someone gives a boost at the last minute and the impossible turns into already-done-did-it.

I am moving so quickly through my days, it’s easy to forget all the critter friends that help keep our farm abundant. The cows, the crawly bugs in the soil, the flying bugs on the flowers, even the pesky groundhogs and relentless birds get praise when I think about the whole process of food production. I’m more dependent on all that’s around me than I can put into words and remembering that we only all get by with a little help from our friends.

Bees are loving the flowering Tulsi–it’s right next to the winter squash so they can pollinate there, too!

Tomatoes are slowly arriving and if I can beat the birds to them, they’ll start getting to your share in the next few weeks!
There’s some okra, tomatillos, and cherry tomatoes this week. If you don’t get it this week, you will!

Beans are going strong right now with a few varieties to share–green, yellow wax, and royal burgundy. Looking for the beautiful Dragon variety soon!
Here’s a great source from Member Carole for preservation tips:

Here’s a yummy dish for your lovely cabbage from Member Lorraine (also check out her mosaic art in the barn!):
“I did not cook separately just roasted the cabbage first and then put thighs on top, however I did marinate first.”

Kohlrabi is small and sweet right now for raw eating–grate on a salad or slaw!

If you’re needing some inspiration to keep at it with the cabbage, check out all these health benefits: http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=19.

This week to add to the salad options is a bigger mix of the mustard micro mix of baby arugula, mustards, and asian greens.

Here’s hoping you have moments of utter dependence this week, that you allow yourself to be held, nourished, gifted, fed, and helped by all the friends around you.

Thanks for helping me!

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