Week 6: Time for U-pick!


Many of you have been asking and now the flowers are ready!
I’ll have clippers and rubber bands on the check-in table for you to use (you can bring reused ones from your share if you’d like!) and I’ll be around for any questions.
The three beds are just to the right of the barn door if you stand looking out north. They are the bottom beds of the hillside.

Here are two things to remember:
*Please stay on the paths.
Due to our no-till system, stepping on the beds compacts the soil and affects future plantings.

*Please be mindful of the fact that these flowers are for all of the members, for the whole season. Take what you need and please cut the flower stems above new emerging shoots so that the plants will continue to produce beautiful flowers for future weeks.


The share this week will have some great new additions:
~CABBAGE: Napa (Chinese), Red, and Green to choose from.
~CUCUMBERS: the tiny ones are picklers; the bigger green ones are for slicing; the pale yellow are a sweet, amazing cuc called Silver Slicer; the bright yellow, round ones are called Lemon and are, indeed, tart; the long, curly ones are the Suyo Long Asian variety.
~FENNEL (or Celery)
~BEET GREENS (or Escarole)

There will be some of the usual, like:
~Head Lettuce
~Lettuce Mix
~Kale or Chard
~Basil and some other herbs

Along with the summer favs:
~Summer Squash
~Beets or Carrots

A market customer, Annabella, gave me this authentic Italian recipe for a new way to prepare escarole:
Prepare a pizza dough and lay in pan with sides
Heat olive oil in a pan, add Anchovies, and simmer until dissolved
Add chopped garlic
Add chopped escarole, cook until tender
Add kalamata olives, capers, and white raisins
Drain well
Layer into pizza dough, fold over, and seal
Brush with oil or butter
Cook in oven until dough is golden brown (350* for 10 minute increments)

For a vegan/veggie option, just omit anchovies and don’t use butter.
I can’t wait to try it! Let me know when you do and how it goes.

And here’s a recipe for preserving some of the amazing celery (yes, I’m proud of that organic celery!!):


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