Week 5: Celebration

As I finished pounding posts for tomato staking this afternoon, I let out a loud “Woooooo-hooooooo!”
It’s a physically challenging task that includes carrying the metal posts into the rows and pounding them into the ground between the plants. Then comes pruning and trellising.
I had to celebrate the little milestone and get a jolt of energy to keep going!

I’m being reminded to take these moments to bask in the big reasons for doing all the small things.

This week as we celebrate big and small things we’re grateful for–family and freedoms and the process of growing together–we can add to the list, yummy summer foods.

~Summer squash has made it’s beautiful appearance. You guessed it, there are several varieties to choose from and try each week.
Cocozelle: Flavor is slightly nutty; milder than Costata but more flavorful than most zucchini.
Golden Zucchini: Crisp and mild.
Midnight Lightning: Developed in Vermont! Smoother, shinier, and smaller than Dark Green.
Ronde de Nice: Perfectly spherical light green fruits with white speckling – a unique specialty item! Heirloom from Southern France with nice nutty flavor and great texture for fresh eating or freezing. Round shape and small size make this variety perfect for stuffing!
Y-Star Patty Pan: Bright yellow uniform scallops with pale green stars on the blossom end. Harvested small, they are quite sweet and tender; good for stuffing.
Jaune et Verte: New! Unique, tulip-shaped patty pan;
Attractive, light-green fruits are perfect for stuffing.
Costato Romanesco: Originally from Italy, these zucchinis are large and in charge. Enjoy their nutty flavor cooked or raw. Produces loads of male squash flowers, which are edible!
Dark Green Zucchini: Classic Zucchini with fresh flavor, great for grilling or sauteing with other veggies, great for breads or pancakes when it’s gotten large.
Yellow Crookneck: Tender lemon-yellow fruits.

~Wild Rocket/Sylvetta is a new addition to the share this year. This nutrient-packed leaf has an even stronger kick than arugula! Try adding it to your lettuce mix for a spiced salad, or use it as an addition to toasted sandwiches or pizza.

~Flowering Chinese Broccoli is as pretty as it is tasty! You can use the whole thing for sauteing or add the leaves to your salad with the flowers as an fun topper.

Also for this week:
~Sugar Snap Peas or Snow Peas–don’t mind the brown spots, the pods are still sweet and edible! It’s a bacterial blight that often happens now in the humidity but isn’t bad for humans.
~Lettuce Mix and Baby Arugula
~Braising Mix
~Chard or Kale
~Tulsi Basil

Here’s a great resource for lots of squash ideas as the season continues:

And here are some photos of little moments I get to celebrate the land here.

This is last week’s share laid out by one of the members and shared with me! Love it!
Enjoying sugar snaps and a bracelet of garlic scapes at market a few weeks ago.
Tiny cucumber babies coming along! Looking elegant and royal.

Thank you for celebrating with me and giving me many reasons to do so! Enjoy the holiday with one another and eat up,

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