Week 4: Summer is here!

Though tonight’s low temps are deceiving(I had to cover the tender pepper plants!), summer is here and this week’s share is gonna show it!

Carrots are here!
Scallions are here!
The bed of turnips is finishing up but we’ve got a new bed of beautiful big radishes to replenish. If you like the spicy kick, go for a bunch with bigger bulbs; if you like sweet and want to cook the spice out, go for smaller.

This is the week for new herbs: dill, basil, savory, and parsley, oh my!
We’ve several varieties of basil beyond the green genovese people tend to think of:
Thai–Lends its distinctly strong licorice-anise basil flavor to Thai food.
Dark Purple Opal–Beautiful lilac flowers with dark red stems, Excellent contrast with green basil, Spectacular as a garnish, in salads, or for adding color to basil vinegars.
Red Rubin–Copper-tinged purple color leaves
Tulsi–Native to India and used in Indian as well as Thai cuisine, Spicier than other basils and still usable when covered with purple flowers, Used in Ayurvedic medicine as a poultice on acne, ringworm, eczema and insect bites, Makes a delicious tea, Strengthens the immune system and increases oxygen uptake in the brain.
Cardinal–Cinnamon/clove flavor with hints of anise

Any of them can be used for tea when you’ve used up fresh recipe ideas.

Stick your bunch of herbs in a small jar of water for fresh using. When you’ve used up what you can, turn it upside down in an area of your kitchen with some air flow and out of direct sunlight. Once the leaves have fully dried, store in an air-tight container for future use.

Escarole (here’s a classic soup recipe)
Lettuce Mix
Flowering Chinese Broccoli
Kale or Chard or Collards (try a new variety this week!)

Here’s a great recipe idea from Member Carla for a new way to use up the greens and impress your dinner guests: Grilled Salad

Please share your recipes with us! We’ll feature them as we can here so you can all enjoy the benefit of one another’s culinary creativity.

Piles of escarole 30+ high waiting to be weighed.

Also be on the lookout for sugar snap peas , snow peas, and celery.

Shout out to Member Judy for her ongoing volunteer hours. So appreciated!
Here’s her first ever harvest of garlic scapes.

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