Week 3: Solstice

We’ve officially reached summer come tomorrow, the longest day of the year. Ironically, we start winding down the hours of light, just as it feels like food is really kicking off.
Hopefully you all can celebrate with some dear ones and some of the food harvested for you!

This week’s big introduction is: garlic scapes!!

These odd-looking beauties are a once-a-year treat and have been a long time coming!
Here’s a recipe for scape pesto:

You can substitute any nut you prefer, or sunflower seeds for a nut-free dish.
Try adding some of your kale to the mix, too!
Eat up what you can and freeze the rest for a quick meal addition.

This share will also include:
Head Lettuce (enjoy now, as we’re about to have a break for a few weeks)
Lettuce Mix or Braising Mix
Bok Choy or Yukina
Kale or Collard Greens

Depending on availability:
Sugar Snap Peas!

Here’s a recipe with some directions of going slooooowly in cooking your choy so as to keep the delicate flavor: http://steamykitchen.com/2112-bok-choy-stir-fry-recipe.html

Apologies for a lack of photos this week–technical difficulties prevailed.
More next week!

Happy Solstice,

1 thought on “Week 3: Solstice

  1. This is my third year at the Second Wind, and I still can’t get over the fact how lucky I am to have found you. Second Wind is so wonderful on so many levels:
    1. The food. No need to say more, the food is divine.
    2. The discovery of veggies and herbs I have never even heard about – and now I get to taste them.
    3. The fact that we are a part of a movement that defies what has come to be considered normal.
    4. The fact that, in contrast to participating in other CSAs with established owners, we get to support new generations of farmers and see them earn their wings.
    I only hope the farmers realize how appreciative we are. And even though most of us are clueless about the details of food production (and frankly – I often can’t even name what I am cooking! 🙂 we nevertheless realize how much work it takes to grow real food, and how stressful it must be when a freeze, a drought, a family of groundhogs, and God knows what else can introduce a lot of uncertainty about the outcome.
    Lyds, please know that am gladly sharing these risk. Second Wind is perfect no matter what. It is only week three and you are already such a big wonderful part of my life! You are the best!
    Good luck with the rest of the season! You the (wo)man!

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