Week 2 here we come

Hoping you all enjoyed the first share with luscious greens and pretty radishes.
We’re going to figure out a way to share some recipes amongst you all–we got to hear about so many great ideas already and want the wider CSA community to get to benefit!

This week will continue with greens, some of which may not make it through this heat wave, so eat ’em up with joy. This will be the last week of spring garlic–it’s getting big, but don’t be intimidated. Just keep chopping like you would scallions; try browning in your favorite oil before adding some cubed radishes. Yes, cook ’em!


I am so pumped to harvest salad turnips to share with you all!
These babies are so sweet and flavorful for fresh eating. Try them tossed in with your buttery lettuce salad or sliced on top of your sauteed radish greens.
Again, we’ve several varieties you can choose from:

Tokyo Market–“Sweet, petite, juicy, smooth-skinned and delicious raw; Practically bite-size, and you may well want to eat them whole! Tender and mildly flavored. Roots are round – radish-like in shape and size – and pearly white in color. Excellent sliced in salads, chopped and tossed with vinaigrette, or glazed with soy sauce.”

Hinonu Kabu–“Striking Japanese salad turnip with bright purple shoulders and a long, slender white root; spicy, sweet flavor great in salads, pickles, or cooked. Caramelize with butter, sugar and soy sauce for a delicious side dish. Dark green tops with purple veining are also tasty!”

Des Vertus Marteau–“Creamy cylindrical roots; the name translates poetically to “Hammer of Virtue” and dates back to 1800s Vertus, a city in northeast France.”

Golden Globe–“Specialty variety with beautiful golden color and delicate flavor.”


This week you’ll get to choose between Broccoli Raab or Braising Mix.
Here’s a recipe for your Raab:

And here’s a new way to dress your kale:

You’ll get a bag of micro greens: sunflower shoots, pea shoots, spicy, or mild greens mix. Throw these on top of soup, sandwiches, salad, or use as an tasty garnish, or as their own snack if you’re like me.

If you’re ever super confused about an item, or just want some support on how to store or prepare it, please give us a call or email. This food is for you and we want to help you enjoy it!

Cool wishes for your hot week,


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