A New Year for Second Wind

Welcome to Second Wind 2017!

I, Lydia, was introduced to you all last year as an employee of Four Winds Farm. I hope you got to chance to read over the last blog of goodbyes and hello.

Here you’ll be introduced to the other partners for this year, Mo and Isaac!

If you want to reserve your spot, quick!, click here to go straight to the 2017 sign-up page!

We are eagerly preparing for the growing season and carefully considering all of the aspects of running a CSA: the members, the land, the financial exchange, and our building of community around food.

Some of you have been through many phases of this farm and this business and we hope you will continue learning and growing with us. We take seriously the lineage of wonderful people coming before us and are excited to add our own unique methods and efforts.

This business of no-till farming depends on layering. Thick levels of consumed materials cycle back to offer food to bacteria. The bacteria become vehicles for all the nutrients little seeds use to grow and grow, Finally each of us, with all our different beliefs, experiences, and schedules, gets fed in the process.  It all depends on the slow, steady build of permanence—the patience to leave the beds’ depths undisturbed, trusting creatures of the soil biome (from big to microscopic) to keep at it without our constant human coaxing. And so, too, this CSA has been built upon layers—countless human workers, years of mental planning and physical maintaining, bursts of trust and investment from customers and members, and  moment after moment of choosing to remain committed to and engaged in building this together.

Because our beds aren’t disturbed, important mycelium networks are able to develop. We have so many types of fungi on the farm!


Now we three are adding our hopes, fears, and efforts to the layering!

Here’s a quick word from Mo:

Greetings to all who are joining us for the season! I am so glad to be partnering with Lydia, Isaac, and Four Winds Farm this season to grow food and community and tend a subterranean ecology that provides such fertile ground for delicious, beautiful food to nourish all who eat the fruits of the seeds sown. I look forward to the growing season ahead and getting to know you over the many moons. If you wish to know more about me, you can read a bit  here.

All blessings, Mo

And Isaac:

Hello, people! I too am so pleased to be at the table this season with all of you. As a writer and artist originally from the south, I feel blessed to be working in the Hudson Valley, where I look forward to learning the local flavors, languages, and ecosystems. I am especially excited to be working to care for the land and people at a community scale. I look forward to learning more about the stories and work that circulate throughout this watershed, and enacting a vision for how food integrates into a wider re-weaving of culture and participatory democracy.


Finally, here are a few photos to remind us of the “peak of the season” that gets so full, sometimes you don’t get to the summer squash in time and the Lamb’s Quarter (an edible wilder!) gets taller than you:


We sure are looking forward to getting to know you all better as we grow food and community together.

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