Week 22

A line of lovely kale bunches during an early morning CSA harvest.
Hi all, Alli here again.


Crazy as it might be, we’ve arrived at the end of the regular CSA season.  After this week’s share, you will have about a month break before we see you again at the Thanksgiving distribution, the final share of the season.  We’ll email you more details about that in the coming week.


Those 80 degree days last week may have made us think it was summer again, but with the trees losing their leaves, the tomato plants brown and brittle in the field, and snow in the forecast for Thursday, the end really is here.  Joe and Anna are set to return any minute now (and I’m sure they’ll have some good stories for all of us about their time in Kentucky!), so we can all get to work this week readying the farm for winter, including getting next season’s garlic in the ground!
A hillside full of frosted tomato plants.
Many of you have started asking me whether or not I’ll be around next season, and I’ll have an answer for all of you by the Thanksgiving distribution!  For now, I’m focused on finishing out this amazing and bountiful season with Joe and Anna and getting as much done as possible so we can all hibernate for awhile.


One of my favorite parts of the end of the season is that the slower pace paired with the cooler weather calls for big pots of soup!  And you’ll find all the makings of a great soup in this week’s share:

Potatoes (a russet type called Butte)

Red Onions
Winter Squash (Black Futsu and/or Butternut)
Turnips (please wash well or peel to remove any small critters that may have burrowed into the skin–you’ll be able to tell if/where this happened)
Celeriac (FINALLY!  After years of disappointing celeriac harvests, we planted this year’s crop in an area safe from groundhogs and…voila!)
Bok Choy
Tatsoi (a green very similar to the Yukina you’ve been getting, but these are younger and more tender plants)
Lettuce Mix
Scallions (you may want to clean these up a bit and peel off some of the dead leaves before putting them in the fridge)
The colors of post-frost fall on the farm.
Because I love tatsoi, I can’t help but share this simple and satisfying recipe with you:


The alien-looking root that is celeriac can be roasted, used in place of celery in soups, or paired with turnips for this simple dish:


We’ve been giving out Black Futsu pumpkins over the past few weeks, and there are more in this week’s share, so I was glad to find this blogger that seems to love this squash as much as I do:


Armfuls of escarole!
We grew this variety of pointy cabbage that’s great for kraut, coming your way!
THEY GREW! While the plants vary in size, there are some really beautiful brussel sprouts out there that we’re planning to save for your Thanksgiving share! Yessssss!!

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