Week 18: Almost frosty happenings

Hello everybody. Anna here.

We’ve been busy as usual at the farm. We kicked it up a notch when we found out on Friday there might be a frost Sunday night.

Friday evening and the weekend was spent harvesting the rest of our winter squash (just in case it did frost, we didn’t want to lose it), and they look amazing! Earlier this month we harvested a small amount, and it wasn’t much in comparison to our massive second round. Since it didn’t really frost, we might get a tad bit more squash later since we left several armfuls that weren’t at all ready.

There wasn’t a high risk of frost Sunday evening, and we didn’t think it would happen, but before sundown we covered some of the plants that are more susceptible to frost and closed the doors to the hoop house with our onion bounty. Since there was nothing else we could do at that point, we went out and met friends. When we awoke Monday morning and went to the farm, we were happy but not surprised to find no frost damage.

Butternut squash.
Long Island Cheese Pumpkins and the smaller Black Futsu Squash.
Winter squash blossoms.
Long Island Cheese pumpkins and butternut squash sprawled into the celeriac.
Long Island Cheese pumpkins also spilled into the field’s comfrey border and on into the grass.
A cart full of mostly Long Island Cheese Pumpkins.
After cartload after cartload of squash, we realized we needed to bring in something with an engine. This is the first of two vehicle loads that finished off the harvest.
Three Long Island Cheese pumpkins is about all you can hold. Sometimes you can only hold one!
Our happiness near the end of the harvest. Good eating awaits!
The squash curing in the greenhouse.
One last pumpkin photo!

We found a few broccoli and hope they keep on coming so they can make their way into everybody’s shares.

Broccoli celebration.

This week your share will include…
Hakurei Turnips
Lettuce mix
Yukina Savoy
Kale or Collard Greens
Cherry Tomatoes, Tomatillos, or Shishito Peppers
Okra, Summer Squash, or Shishito Peppers
Sweet Peppers, Hot Peppers, and/or Eggplant
And maybe more!

Early morning farm fog.
More fog. See me in the distance harvesting yukina savoy?
The sunset in Garrison at the end of pickup last week.


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