Week 16

This heart shaped tomato captures our love for these fruits pretty well…as do Anna’s tomato-y hands.  

Hi all, Alli here.

My favorite farm month is in full swing, and I hope you all are enjoying it as well!  While September always tricks me into thinking it’s going to be a slower, easier month (turns out it’s not), I still love it more than any other month (because it’s the best month for eating!).  The greens come back to celebrate the cooler temperatures and the roots and winter squash are getting ready for their harvests, but we’re still getting a good bit of tomatoes, peppers, okra, and so on.  Also, with the days getting shorter and shorter, the darkness sends us home a bit earlier and allows us to devote more time to preparing delicious dinners and preserving what we can for the winter.

A kale forest, more tender and delicious these days!

As many of you may already know, Joe has headed off to his place in Kentucky for awhile, where he will be hosting several classes on permaculture and food production.  Having Joe and Anna at the farm this season has allowed all of us to have some time off here and there (which has been amazing!), so now Anna and I are going to work like crazy to hold down the fort while Joe is gone.  This next month will be full of some big harvests and a lot of clearing out old plants, so Joe will come back to a completely different looking (and likely much colder!) farm!  We hope you all won’t miss him too much!

These beds where the cucumbers once lived will now remain empty until next season’s planting begins! 

Here are the items you can expect this week:


Lots of Lettuce!
Yukina Savoy (use it like spinach!)
Bok Choy
Peppers and/or Eggplant
Squash (there are a few big ones in there–choose these for baking some delicious squash bread or brownies!)
Cherry Tomatoes
Shishitos, Cherry Tomatoes, or Tomatillos
…and possibly some other surprises.
Even the turkeys love tomatoes.  

Every week, I expect the okra to slow down.  Instead, we just keep getting more!  We’ve been eating a ton of it this summer and learning to prepare it in so many new ways.  We hope you’ve been able to do some experimenting as well.  You might even want to try preserving some to enjoy later.  I had some pickled okra once that I absolutely loved (and I think it might even appeal to those of you who aren’t such huge okra lovers), so give this a try:


It’s also pretty easy to freeze:
This grilled leek salad sounds so good!
And you’ve gotten so much arugula this season…turn it into pesto and save it for the winter if you’ve run out of other ideas.
Enjoy, and have a great week!
Broccoli–huge plants, but no heads just yet! 
Baby Brussels
Last week’s carrots heading through the root washer.  Carrots should appear in your shares again soon!  
Clean crates, clean garlic, and one happy farmer! 


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