Week 15: Farm Fresh September

Hi there. Anna here, coming to you from inside my winter coat. Well nearly! I’ll probably be wearing it by next month. We’ve been getting some cool mornings and nights. I don’t think I’m ready for Fall yet.

Last week Alli, Joe, and I had a fabulous time devouring edamame. This week we’ll have two new veggies for you… bok choy and leeks!

Joe & I harvesting edamame plants.

Here is a simple roasted leek recipe: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipe/oven-roasted-leeks

Afterwards you can use the leek tops (the green parts) you trimmed off in a stir-fry or soup!

If you want to jar up some cayenne, jalapeño, habañero, and/or fish pepper deliciousness, here are two hot sauce recipes to get you started.

Hot Sauce

Another Hot Sauce

Cool nights means hot soup season is back. Okra in soup is a must eat! http://urbannaturale.com/meatless-monday-spicy-tomato-okra-lentil-soup

Possibly the last seeding of the year. What, already?! Arugula, lettuce, and hakurei turnips!
Rescuing watermelon radishes from an ocean of weeds.
Weeding the broccoli.
It looks tastier every week.
We finally pulled out the sad, sad basil plants. Bye, bye, bye.

This week your share will include…
Lettuce Mix
Yukina Savoy
Baby Bok Choy
Cherry tomatoes
Squash &/or Cucumbers
Sweet Pepper &/or Hot Peppers &/or Eggplant
Shishito Peppers or Okra
And maybe more!

Shishito peppers.
A spider friend.
A majestic heart sunflower.
Will it ever rain rain again?
Me hanging out with marigolds at sunset.

Happy eating,

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