Week 14: Eda-who? Edamame!

Howdy everyone, Joe here with you for this riveting addition of the Second Wind blog!

A nice view of the farms solar panel covered barn from one of our fields.

We hope that everyone has been making great use of the amazing tomato harvests that we have been pulling in here at the farm. At the house, Alli has been cranking out batches of sauce with the tomatoes that came off the vine split or damaged. It is some of the tastiest sauce that I have had, with a delicious mix of all the varieties that we are growing.

This might be one of Alli’s breakfast sandwiches!

This afternoon I made an Indian dish called Baingan Bharta, which is a mouth watering mix of roasted eggplant with spices such as cumin cooked into sautéed onion, garlic, and tomatoes. I also added freshly ground coriander and mustard seed because I really like them. Top this with some freshly cut and chopped cilantro and you have a great meal. Leftovers? All the better! I think some dishes really are better the second day after the spices really set in, and this is one of them!


A bunch of carrots, fresh out of the field, and wash station!

This brings us to the edamame! We are starting the harvest this week and depending on how much is ready you may all get this in your share this week. Don’t worry if you don’t though, because we will include it next week for a the location that does not receive it this week. I think edamame is a great appetizer (just like the shishito peppers) before a nice stir fry with the loads of the veggies you are also receiving. We are going to be giving you the whole plant, all you will need to do is pick off the edamame before cooking or storing in the fridge. For a really simple way to prepare this for your dinner check this out:

But, smile because you are about to enjoy fresh, not frozen, edamame!

Anna seems to always be able to catch the bees at work.

Can you believe that we are already closing the month of August?! We can’t either! The evening temperatures are cooling down a bit, and we are wondering how the summer has moved by so fast. I even saw a pumpkin beer at the store already just the other day! It has really been great eating with the changing harvest. We started out eating so many greens, and gradually have added peas, cabbage, carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, summer squash, beans, okra, garlic, onions, and tomatoes! Hopefully soon we will be bringing some brussels sprouts, broccoli, and winter squash!

I think I am getting better at making bouquets!

In this weeks share list you will be seeing:


Cherry Tomatoes


Shishito Peppers

Cherry Tomatoes or Tomatillos



Summer Squash


Lettuce Mix




Peppers and/or Eggplant


We hope you are all having a lovely week!

Cheers, Joe, Anna, and Alli

Alli put Anna and I in charge at the Pine Bush Farmers market this week and we had to send her pictures to make sure she approved of our setup! Just kidding!

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