Week 12: Turning the Tomatoes and the Heat on High

Hi everyone. Anna here.

The last week has been an interesting one. We received monster truckloads full of rain, but the heat was really a scorcher. For a few days I felt like I was back in Alabama, where sweating is a job all in itself. The nights are so cool here though, which I love. We seeded some lettuce and arugula, which got to benefit from the rain.

The lightning storm on Thursday.

During the storms, we cooked up a storm of another kind in the kitchen.

Tacos galore!
Salsa verde in the front with diced tomatoes in the back and shredded beets and carrots.
Beans going into a crock for fermenting.

Tomatoes are really happening right now. This week you’ll be getting enough of them to feed an entire village, give or take a few people.

A Green Zebra tomato.
Cherry tomato plants.
Alli with a head-sized tomato.


In your share this week will be:
Lettuce and/or Arugula
Cherry Tomatoes
Choice of Eggplant, Shishitos, Tomatillos, or Okra

Here are two recipe ideas, both of which call for onions. Onions, like garlic, seem to make everything better.

Kale & Beet Salad
This recipe uses golden beets (which we don’t grow), but our red beets make a nice substitution. Also, the kale you use doesn’t have to be dino. Any of the kale varieties we grow will work. And green onions aren’t needed. A bit of an onion from your share would be good.

Sugar-free Tomato Chutney with Onion & Garlic
Sauté chopped tomatoes (preferably using a mix of varieties) with chopped garlic and finely sliced onion on simmer for 30 to 40 minutes, and then you’re done! Use at least twice as many pounds of tomatoes as onion. For a calmer chutney, reduce the amount of onion. Instead of using onion you can use onion seed, which is what a friend of mine recommends, but I have never cooked with it. I don’t know how much onion seed to use, so I would start with just a little and taste test it. You could also add in a hot pepper if you like heat. Some people add sugar to chutney, but I’m not a big fan of that. It makes it way to sweet for me, especially if quality tomatoes are used which tend to have their own nice sweetness.

Ailsa Craig onions. These appeared in your share last week, and they are here again for this one.
Me partying with weeds.
Last week’s colorful share on display.

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