Week 8: A swim before the storm.

Hello Everyone, Joe writing to you this week. I hope you have been finding the weekly additions to the shares as tasty as we have found testing them out!  This week you will see the addition of fennel and possibly another surprise if we can work some magic!
We have been having some very hot weather on the farm lately, and at the end of last week we all finally took a swim in the spring fed pond after a long harvest day. Some rain also finally fell as a storm blew through this afternoon! It only pulled us out of the fields for about 30 minutes due to the frequent lightning strikes.
Alli has been seen cruising around the farm on the tractor lately!  Here, she used the front loader to haul away all the old snap pea plants.  
Anna is always catching some great shots of the bees at work, too.  
Last week the three of us did a blind taste test of the three different color beans: green, purple, and yellow. Alli and Anna both guessed one correct, but I didn’t get any right!  We’d love to hear if any of you prefer one variety the most.  Maybe I can convince them to do a side by side cucumber test this week… Do you think you can tell the differences yet?
I think Anna was showing off some new purple bean earrings in this picture!
The following items will be making their way into this week’s share:
Napa cabbage
An herb
And possibly a few surprises
In case you are looking for a recipe for this week’s fennel, check out this summertime drink recipe…it might be the perfect addition to an evening gathering in a backyard this summer.
Or perhaps a soup for an appetizer to combine the fennel and zucchini? I would be willing to try any of the summer squash in this recipe though.
I made a salad last week that Anna and Alli were both really excited for, so I decided to share it with you all this week. I tried to replicate my favorite salad from a great Costa Rican restaurant back in Chicago. I hope you enjoy it!
Here is what you do:
1. Shred a cabbage.
2. Cut up a bunch of Cilantro.
3. Mix these in a large bowl together.
4. Squeeze a lime into the bowl(Careful to keep seeds out).
5. Add some vinegar(for this recipe I prefer an organic white vinegar). We like a decent amount of vinegar.
6. Add a little bit of salt and mix everything together.
7. Cut up some chilled beats that you previously boiled. Add to top.
8. Slice up some avocados and tomatoes, and also add to the top.
9. Enjoy!
This salad improves if you chill for a bit before eating, but is also great right away!
We will see you all this week!
Joe, Anna, and Alli

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