Week 5: Plenty of Sunny Rays and a Rainy Day

Zinnias enjoying the summer sun

Hi everyone! This is Joe writing to all of you this week. Alli and Anna locked me in a room with a typewriter and told me I could not come out to harvest more sugar snap peas until I had a rough draft for the blog post, so here goes!


Since you all heard from us last week, we have had some very sunny, hot days out here at the farm. We have all been hoping for some good rains, that just seemed to fade out before getting to us. Today the chance of rain actually turned into a full afternoon of showers!


Just like you all, I have been very excited for all the fresh greens that we have been harvesting after missing everything over the winter. Now we get to keep making some tasty additions to your shares. We may even taste test some of them, just to be sure they are ripe for you all! 🙂
The theme of last week: giant greens! 
This year has brought us an early garlic harvest. Working as the rain just started on Monday afternoon we brought in the whole yield to be hung up and dried for future distribution.
Anna and I pulling garlic to make room for the quickly growing winter squash
This year we are experimenting for our first time growing brussel sprouts. At the end of last week the seedlings were all planted out in the field. I am especially excited about the idea of growing one of my favorite vegetables, but I think those hakurei turnips will be hard to beat! More beds were also seeded with lettuce, herbs, and arugula to keep a fresh supply of those in your shares.
Anna and the freshly planted bed of brussel sprouts
This week you will be seeing the following items in your shares:
Kale or Collards
Snap Peas
Lettuce and/or Lettuce mix
Escarole, Chinese Broccoli, or Spinach
Braising Mix
Choice of Herbs
Napa Cabbage
And possibly a couple other surprises!
This week’s lettuce won’t be nearly so huge as that romaine from last week! 
Alli was excited to share with us a recipe for the Snap Peas, and I bet we will be trying it ourselves very soon! You can find it here:


I love cabbage very much and will be trying out this simple recipe for the napa that is in this weeks share. It has only a few ingredients, but I can imagine the crunchy and savory outcome.


Alli, Anna and I look forward to seeing everyone this week!


We said good-bye to radishes and broccoli raab and got these beds prepped for some lettuce, arugula, and herbs!
The leeks and onions are looking happy!

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