Summer sun and tons of garlic


Giant garlic plucked fresh from the dirt
Giant garlic plucked fresh from the dirt

Hello CSA members!

Doesn’t it feel like summer now? After such a brutal winter, I often have to pinch myself as a reminder that it’s hot outside and everything’s green. The quiet hum of bees buzzing around the summer squash helps to remind me of the season, as well as the plump green tomatoes in the field that are now taking on some color.
This week my mom and sister came to visit all the way from Texas, and have worked alongside Alli and me every day. They have been an enormous help during one of our busiest times of the growing season. With their help and the dedication of an awesome volunteer who came to lend a hand this week, we’ve weeded and cleared lots of beds, as well as harvested our whole field of garlic!
This week your summertime share will include:
…and other goodies!
Carrot heart hug
Carrot heart hug
Bucket of beets
Bucket of beets
If you’ve never tried a grated carrot and beet salad, this is your week to try it! Just grate equal parts of carrots and beets, and combine in a bowl with your favorite vinegar (I use apple cider vinegar). Toss in some roasted sunflowers for a nice crunch, add a dash of salt and pepper, and voila! A simple, flavorful salad.
Have a wonderful week of delicious eating!

Mama and baby squash
Mama and baby squash
The pigs eating their vegetables
The pigs eating their vegetables
Here comes a pumpkin!
Here comes a pumpkin!


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