Week 2: keep eating those greens!

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Hi all, Alli here.

Many of you probably heard us mention how much everything grew last week.  We were really happy with the amount that we were able to harvest for the first week of the CSA.  But when we said everything was growing, that meant the weeds, too!  We’ll be devoting a lot of time this week to trying to keep those all under control.

Clearing the weeds out of the potato beds this morning...on one side of the row, at least!
Clearing the weeds out of the potato beds this morning…on one side of the row, at least!

There are also some new babies on the farm.  Some killdeer made a nest in Jay’s asparagus, right near your lettuce.  The parents have been making plenty of noise and trying to distract us from their eggs every time we work near there.  They finally hatched into the fuzziest little birds, just a few days before a calf was born!

Baby killdeer
Baby killdeer

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the greens from last week, because more are coming your way soon.  You’ll see a lot of the same items, with a few additions.  Here’s our list for you this week:


*Salad Mix

*Spring Garlic


*Radishes (eat the greens, too!)

*Braising Mix

*Broccoli Raab

*Hakurei Turnips

…and maybe some other surprises!

A special note about the Hakurei turnips:  they are one of our all-time favorite crops.  These are not the usual purple-tinted turnips you see in the fall.  These are juicy and mild and are delicious to eat raw as a snack or in salads.  You can definitely cook them (and their greens) if you want, but they never make it that far for us.

For radishes, try them as a snack with a little salt sprinkled on them, grate them onto a salad, eat them thinly sliced on a piece of buttered toast for breakfast, or lightly sauté them in some butter or olive oil (YUM–and these can all help mellow out the spiciness a bit if that’s what you’re going for).

To add interest to your salads this week, use our dressing recipe from last week, but substitute tahini for the mustard, and add a little bit of white wine vinegar and red pepper to your liking (we actually make big batches of this dressing and put it on almost everything).  Or, if you are ordering the strawberries this week, toss a few of those into your salad as well!

See you soon!

A tomato plant, green and strong!
A tomato plant, green and strong!
Ruby Streaks mustard
Ruby Streaks mustard

2 thoughts on “Week 2: keep eating those greens!

  1. Greens it is! We had the rabe as a side last night sautéed with garlic and olive oil, with an appetizer of the radishes, butter, salt and baguette slices. Tonight will be salmon on a bed of chard and shallots (from the June Bon Appetit). The arugula was the base of a salad with leftover flank steak.

    1. That all sounds great! So nice of you to share the good ideas!

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