Let the farming begin!

Snowy Farm
Snowy Farm

Hi all, Allison (Alli) here.  Welcome to the first blog post of Second Wind CSA’s 2014 season!

As our previous farm season was winding down, Alison and I would often discuss the coming year and our thoughts on what it might be like.  Where would we each end up?  Would the farms use practices we supported?  And wouldn’t it just be great if we could have our own small farms?!  Well…someday, we thought.

When the opportunity to work at Second Wind came around, I think we both knew immediately that this was where we really wanted to be for the next season and…..here we are!  We could not be more excited to be growing delicious vegetables for you.  Of course, we owe a huge thank you to Bryn and Wes for allowing us to continue this CSA on Jay and Polly’s farm AND to everyone who has already supported us by signing up early.  There are still a couple of spots remaining, so please be sure to visit our sign-up page if you’d like to join us this season.

I’ve spent many hours in my life drooling over the pictures in seed catalogs, waiting for the day when I’d have a farm where I could plant all those wonderful things.  While there will be many old favorites in your bags this year, I hope that you will love some of the new varieties we chose as well (especially of my favorite, potatoes).  It’s hard to believe that this table full of seed packets will soon be a farm full of enough produce for all of you!


With all that snow still out there, it’s also hard to believe that it’s time to start seeding!  Our winter break, during which we were both able to attend great farming conferences in the area and spend some much needed time with family, is officially over.  We started all of your onions, leeks, shallots, and kale the other day, giving them a home in trays of Jay’s awesome compost-based potting soil.  At least it’s nice and warm in the greenhouse and in the farm’s fridge-turned-germinator.

Allium Seeds

We’ll be keeping a close eye on all of these for sprouting and continue adding to the number of trays in the coming weeks.  Be on the lookout for more updates from the farm soon (and pictures of your new farm dog, Waylon)!

4 thoughts on “Let the farming begin!

  1. I appreciate your excitement to be heading the Second Wind CSA and I think it will be a rewarding and educational adventure. Last years veggies looked so beautiful and tasted so good. The weather was good for the most part and the share was bountiful. I have a request for more winter squash and would appreciate your consideration on this matter. Thanks, Darshano

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    1. Hi Darshano,

      We are hoping for just as bountiful a year and delicious veggies all season. We love winter squash, too, and are growing as much as space will allow. I think last year the squash was unfortunately plagued by some pests that reduced the crop, so we’ll keep a close eye on that situation this year.

      Thank you for the input!

  2. Hi,

    We will be joining again this year! A check for the full amount went out today.

    Thanks, Leslie Wayne-Catanzaro and David Catanzaro

    1. Hi Leslie and David,

      Great, so glad to have you back!

      Thank you,

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