Week 16 – Tender and Delicious

We’ve been spending a lot of time hunched over our beds, thinning tiny plants

Hello members and friends,

This weekend, Wes called me from the farm while I was at our farmers market to double check what he was about to seed in two of the former summer squash beds (goodbye, little patty pans and yellow squashes!).  Spinach, arugula.  After I hung up, it hit me, “Wow, is that the last of the seeding for the season?  No…”  It may be, and it may not be, but we’re about there in terms of having everything in the ground til the end of year!

But, the party is certainly not over–we still have seven more weeks of CSA harvests, pickups, hauling bags of veggies into your cars and homes, and convincing your kids/spouses/significant others/yourself  to eat greens.  Just kidding, we know you adore them.   And, of course, Wes and I have plenty more work ahead.  One major task du jour is thinning; that’s the process of going through a thickly seeded bed of young plants and pulling lots of them out to leave only some at the correct spacing for their optimal growth.  We have to do this after we seed a bed using the farm’s Earthway seeder, which deposits more seed than necessary onto the bed in order to make sure that even if not all the seeds germinate, we’ll still get a decent crop.  It’s a time-consuming and back pain-y task.  And it make me remember the interview Second Wind CSA’s former farmer Erin did with us two years ago.  Erin asked us about our thoughts on some farm tasks.   My favorite?  Thinning.  Wes’s least favorite?   Thinning.  Our opinions on this task aside, we both agree that a major upside is that we get to give out the delicious, tender baby thinnings–it basically doubles the harvest from one planting!  Eat these thinnings fresh in salad or cooked in stir fries or mixed into omelettes…sky’s the limit.

Utah sits among the peppers, giving them a firm "pep" talk
Utah tells the peppers, “Get growing or I’ll take you to the mattresses!”

Good news on the eggplant and pepper front!  You all will (most likely…nothing is 100%…if we guarantee anything then it’s guaranteed that a tornado or a killing frost or Godzilla will sweep through the fields and destroy our dreams) get eggplants AND peppers this week.  Woo hoo!  Also, good news on the tomato front–somehow, despite the chilliness and the progress the usual diseases have made on the plants, the fruits keep on ripening for you.


  • Tomatoes
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Salad Mix
  • Eggplants
  • Beans
  • 2 Acorn, Buttercup or Sugar Dumpling Squashes
  • Peppers
  • Baby Bok Choy Thinnings
  • Another Tender Baby Green
  • Garlic
  • Dill or Parsley
Check this guy out!  A walking stick bug!
Check this guy out! A walking stick bug!

1 thought on “Week 16 – Tender and Delicious

  1. Hi Bryn,
    Couldn’t resist “responding” – that’s a great pic of Utah! Also, walking sticks are actually my favorite insect! (I know that probably sounds nerdy but I was a bio major in college and it was a great “find” on field biology outings ☺ )

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