Full Steam Ahead, Hatchlings & Video: Killdeer Gone Wild

A tomato plant in early April
A tomato plant in early April
Tomato seedlings now
Tomato seedlings now

Hi members and friends,

Less than a month to go until your first pickup!  We hope you all are craving those luscious, fresh greens that signal the start of the CSA season.  Everything has been full-steam at the farm–seeding, planting, watering, weeding, hauling compost.  Until today, it’s felt like southern California here, with a seemingly endless stream of beautiful, sunny days.  The rain is great news, though, since it’s been drier than normal, which means lots of scheduled irrigation on our part.  After the long winter, it’s been a pleasure to spend every day outside, taking note of each new type of bloom and hearing the familiar bird songs around the farm–today, we heard our first wood thrush, one of our favorites.    The plants are growing steadily, and the fields are filling up.  We look forward to next week, which is the official last frost date of the year (hopefully!)–that means we can plant our tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and other warm season crops.

We’re also happy to announce that we are full for the season!  Thanks everyone for signing up!

Your lettuce, spinach and peas making good progress
Your lettuce, spinach and peas making good progress

In our last post, we mentioned the killdeer that nested in our fields.  We planted our potatoes around them and gave them some space so that they could continue nesting, and so we had a workable detante where they kept their shrill “killdeer! killdeer!” peeping to a reasonable level.  Since then, their eggs have hatched, and now the family of  five is off, running about the farm announcing themselves all day long.  Check out the video at the end of the post (sorry it doesn’t play on mobile devices) to see how the killdeer parents went all out performing their fake-broken-wing distraction dance after Bryn took this photo:

A killdeer chick!
A killdeer chick!

All the best,

Bryn and Wes

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