New Hoophouse, Meat Options and Video: Encounters with Wildlife

Whew!  It's up and working!
Whew! It’s up and working!

Hello members and friends!

Activity on the farm has really picked up over these past two weeks, along with the general rise in daytime temperatures.  We’re more than halfway through our seeding, with the greenhouse full of seedlings and with beets, spinach and peas sown out in the field.  I transplanted two hundred feet of delicious kale on Wednesday, in time for the rain, and onions and kohlrabi are next.  We also finished construction on our fancy shmancy double-wall inflated hoophouse, which is coming in very handy as we need to move seedlings out of the greenhouse into an intermediary space before they are planted in the fields.  There was a healthy dose of trials and tribulations along the way — plastic that was slightly too small (no problem, we just had to build a raised wall along the north side of the house), an incomplete blower assembly (we devised a creative mounting system instead) and the generally uncommon shape of our structure, which led to some adjustments in order to prevent stress points on the plastic.   But, luckily, over the years we’ve acquired a respectable pile of tools  along with coffee cans full of screws and bolts, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to creative, frugal repairs.

Utah presides over the 24x60 foot piece of plastic for the hoop house
Utah presides over the 24×60 foot piece of plastic for the hoop house

In other news, we’ve made some connections with local livestock farmers who are offering meat share options to the community.  We want to let all of you know about these options, in case you would like to get your local meat this way.  Ryan Fitzgerald in Accord is raising organic, free-range chickens this year and offering a 5-chicken share for delivery in July for $125.00.  This means you would need to have a big freezer to hold them all, or you could split your chicken share with another member.  Another farm, Karl Family Farm in Modena (near Gardiner) offers differently sized 6-month meat shares with a variety of options for monthly pickup, including: Full Meat Share (approximately 3.25 lbs of Beef, 5.5 lbs. of Pork, and 2 Whole Chickens that are approx. 3.5 lbs. each at $780.00), Half Meat Share (approx. 1.5 lbs. Beef, 2.25 lbs. Pork and 1 Whole Chicken approx 3.5lbs at $390.00), and also Full and Half Poultry Shares.  Let us know if you are interested in these options, and we can get in touch with these farmers.

VIDEO TIME!  Lastly, we leave you with a moment of nature.  Yesterday, as I transplanted our kale in the morning, I had the company of our annual avian companions, the killdeer.  They are rather uptight birds, since they nest right in our fields (which can be inconvenient, but we leave them alone) and have to engage in all sorts of antics to distract anyone/thing that might encroach upon their nest.  They run around frantically, stretch out on the ground pretending they have a broken wing and make a racket.  Check out the video I took to see for yourself!

And remember, it’s always a great time to sign up if you haven’t yet!  Tell your friends and family!

All the best,


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  1. Thanks for the update and the video!!

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