Mid-winter Musings

Utah inspects the garlic beds...finds all well
Utah in the beds of garlic lying dormant until the summer harvest

Hello members and friends,

Wes sifting compost
Wes sifting compost

We hope this mid-winter post finds you well. Even though it’s frosty and the farm is in its deep, regenerative slumber, we are keeping busy in the farming spirit. We’ve been putting together this season’s crop plan, which is simultaneously forward-looking as it calls upon our memories and harvest records from 2012.  It’s fun to think back on the flow of veggies from last season in order to adjust for this one.  We’ve also been spending some savored time in the greenhouse, sifting compost to make the farm’s potting mix. On the engineering end of things, we’re making headway on our planned hoop house improvements, the goal being a double-walled, inflated structure to protect vulnerable seedlings before they get transplanted out into the fields.

Jay's winter kale in the greenhouse
Jay’s winter kale in the greenhouse, interplanted with young garlic.

It’s also been a welcome pleasure for us to go to several farming conferences over the last few months. We were awarded scholarships to our first Northeast Organic Farmers Association NY (NOFA-NY) conference, which is an event that some old timers (like Jay and Polly Armour, the fine owners of Four Winds Farm) have been attending for decades. We enjoyed getting to know some of these accomplished stewards of the land. Some other highlights included learning about advanced irrigation techniques,  growing dry beans on a large scale, proper tool sharpening and maintenance the old-fashioned way, and in-depth perspectives on soil science. Hopefully in twenty years, some greenhorn will refer to those geezers Wes and Bryn at NOFA.

Lastly, we’re happy to report that we are already over half full.   So, if you’re planning on joining, don’t delay too long!  Sign up info is here.

All the best,

Bryn, Wes and Utah

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