Week 1 – Distribution Starts for 2012!

Hello! We are excited to welcome you all to the first distribution for Second Wind CSA! With a glorious Spring boosting us forward, the distribution will be starting tomorrow – a week earlier than expected! Right now, we mostly have a delightful selection of greens available, but root crops and more aren’t far behind. Don’t forget to avail yourselves of the pick-your-own herb garden as well!

This week, you can expect:

  • Kale
  • Head Lettuce
  • Chives
  • Broccoli Raab
  • Arugula
  • Mesclun
  • Green Onions
  • Watercress

Kale: The hearty back-bone of any greens selection, and the absolute favorite of both Wes and Bryn. We usually steam or sautee it (throw in some garlic and/or a diced onion, along with some sesame oil and hot pepper – amazing!). You can also make a refreshing raw kale salad with some oil and vinegar – just let it sit for a while to let the vinegar start to break down the kale.

Head Lettuce: There are simply massive heads of lettuce waiting to hop into your kitchen – we’re growing about a half dozen different varieties, so over the coming weeks make sure to try them all to find out your favorites.

Chives: These delicious perennials will give a kick to any salad – chop up and mix with lettuce and arugula. Don’t throw away those flowers! They will add not only flavor, but a splash of color too to your meal.

Broccoli Raab: The raab loved the early spring weather – we’ve already had to pull up the first succession that shot upward starting in April, so we’re hitting up the second planting this week. Get it while you can – it notoriously hates hot summery weather, so we don’t know for how long it’ll be available.

Arugula: A taste that can’t be beat! Sharp, yet flavorful, and a great addition to any salad. Since it doesn’t last too long once picked, if you find yourself with wilted arugula in a few days, try sauteing it!

Mesclun: A delicious salad blend of lettuces and other greens to be eaten raw. Mix up some olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a quick and easy dressing – it makes a great lunch side!

Green Onions: These Dutch Walking Onions (so named because the bulbs form at the tips of the enormous stalks, which – if left alone – fall over at the end of the season and nestle into the ground a few feet away.)  We’re catching them at their prime; they are ready to be diced up and added to any meal, fresh or cooked.

Watercress: One of the great things about a farm with a plentiful water supply is the unique ability to grow watercress. These snappy greens can be eaten raw or added to scrambled eggs, egg salad, or whatever strikes your fancy!

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