CSA is stocked up! Sprouts coming up! You signed up?

Kale seedlings

Hi folks, Wes here!

Regardless of this week’s drop in temperature, our intrepid little seedlings are bursting forth into the world!  The kale sprouts are in the lead, but onions aren’t far behind, and soon we’ll be adding lettuce, kohlrabi, cabbage, and broccoli to the mix.  It’s an exciting time to be farming!

horse and buggy at Nolts
Horse and buggy at Nolts

Meanwhile, Bryn and I headed down to Amish country this weekend to pick up the last of our supplies at Nolt’s Farm Supplies – where farmers from around the northeast go to pick up irrigation equipment, row cover, and homey Amish wisdom.  Pulling up in our box truck, we realized we’d be sharing the parking lot with several farm vehicles of another era!

Now that we’re back in NY and stocked up for the season, we’re psyched to finish our spring-time preparations and get things ready for the CSA.  For those of you who haven’t yet signed up, please get those registrations in!  And those who have already joined for the 2012 season – thank you!  Your membership has allowed us to purchase the seeds and supplies we need to make this year a success.  If you have friends or co-workers who are looking for a source of delicious organic veggies this year, spread the word about Second Wind CSA!

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