Sowing seeds, Organizing Young Farmers, Amish folk

Seeding trays as Mondrien would see them

Hi everyone, Bryn here!

Get excited, members and friends, because your CSA operation is officially pregnant!  That is, the first seeds of the season are sown as of this weekend.  Wes was away at an organic farming conference in Wisconsin, doing his work as a representative of the National Young Farmers Coalition. While there, he encouraged other young farmers around the country to set up coalitions in their own states, in order to create beneficial relationships amongst themselves and to help advocate for national agricultural policies that aid young and beginning farmers. So, while he was off doing that admirable work, I seeded our first crops.  I blasted Car Talk on the barn’s stereo and got to work. All of our onions, leeks, kale, chard and celeriac are seeded. They’re nice and toasty in the greenhouse, and now we provide them with favorable conditions and wait for them to sprout.

This Saturday, we’re teaming up with the amazing farmer Benjamin Shute over at Hearty Roots Farm in Tivoli, as well as a few other area farmers, to do a big farm supply pickup from a great supplier in PA.  Wes and I will be driving a big box truck down there, and we’re looking forward not only to scoping out the horses and buggies we’ll encounter, but also to acquiring a good deal of gear we need for the season.

Have a great week, and enjoy the photos.  Send happy thoughts to the seedlings!

Sowing onions
Wet and toasty, ready to grow

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