Wes and Bryn Take Over

Last week I sat down with Wes and Bryn, the 2012 Second Wind CSA farmers, for an interview.

Erin: How did you get interested in farming?

Bryn: It was kind of a happy accident.  About a year and a half ago we were laid off from our jobs and we wanted to do something more meaningful and supportive for our community.  Since we both grew up gardening and have always focused on eating healthful organic food, it seemed natural to try out farming.  We had never planned to be full-time farmers, but the more we have done it, the more addicted we’ve become!

Erin: What is your favorite farming task?

Bryn: I really enjoy thinning because it brings out the contradictory nature of farming where you have to reduce the number of young plants in a given space in order for the rest to grow big and strong.

Wes: I really enjoy transplanting young seedlings because I like to get my hands dirty and dig!

Erin: What is your least favorite farm task?

Bryn: Picking up the rotten tomatoes off the ground that have split open and become rotten. Its always tragic to see a rotten vegetable and plus they smell like old cheese. Gross.

Wes: I don’t like thinning plants because it always feels wasteful, even though I know it’s necessary. That’s why Bryn and I make a good team.

Erin: Yeah, you do make a good team. What’s your favorite food?

Wes: Salsa, made with farm fresh tomatoes, hot peppers, onions and cilantro.

Bryn: I like garlic, onions, kale and sausage.

Erin: All mixed together?

Bryn: Heck yes.

Erin: What is your adorable black dog, Utah’s,  favorite food?

Bryn: Whatever the pigs are eating.

(Room erupts with laughter.)

Erin: Last question: What are you most excited about next year as the new farmers for Second Wind CSA?

Wes: Since I have been involved in the many aspects of farming as a worker under Jay and previous farmers, I am  excited for this opportunity to bring it all together.

Bryn: I agree with what Wes said, and I am looking forward to being apart of this CSA community as a farmer. I like the social aspect of farming so I am excited to get to know everyone and talk about food.

Woohoo! I am so excited for Wes and Bryn! They are going to do a stellar job.

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