Week 10

Expect the following produce this week:

Savoy Cabbage

1 bunch Chard


Green Beans

Summer Squash






THE FIRST TOMATOES! (It’s only just a few…)

This week we have a little bit of a lot of things. This is what we think of as the August transition. It’s a time when the early summer fruits start to peter out, the lettuce bolts, the greens wilt, but the late summer fruits have only just begun and they always begin slowly. I always feel like something must be wrong in the garden, that our yields are off…and then I look back at our records and they are always the same. A lull right before the bounty…hopefully!!

Recipe Contest?

As for the recipe contest…well, there were no winners, but no losers either! We received no votes, which, I think speaks more to the busy schedules that everyone has. However, the contest was still a success in a way, because we got some great recipe submissions that hopefully inspire everyone to use up those summer squash! In a short while, they will be gone until next year.

Now, stay tuned for some photos and a stellar green bean and pasta recipe later in the week!

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