Week 8

Hello everyone! Here is the produce list for the week:

head lettuce

1 bunch carrots

1 bunch kale

green beans

summer squash


fresh onions



pick your own flowers*

pick your own herbs: sage, thyme, anise hyssop, lemon basil, Thai basil, oregano, dill flowers, chamomile, chives

Summer Squash Recipe Contest!!

Okay, so we got ONE submission last week…I am beginning to wonder if anyone is actually eating their summer squash! Or, perhaps you are holding out for the deadline? Submissions are due by Sunday, July 24th. The top three recipes will be posted in next week’s blog post, to be voted on by you, dear reader. The winner of the contest will receive…A GIANT ZUCCHINI! Seriously, I’ve got something scrumptious in store for the winner of the recipe contest. Submit those recipes!  Anything from chocolate chip zucchini bread, to zucchini ravioli, to a zucchini souffle, to marinated and grilled zucchini–we’re wanting to know how you eat it! Photos also welcome. Please send to secondwindcsa@gmail.com.

Garlic Is Here!

I know we’ve got some nice veggies in store for you this week, but the most exciting item this week, in my opinion, is GARLIC. For starters, it’s garlic. And besides that, we had a great garlic harvest last week. You can expect more garlic, more often this year, and that is something to be excited about.

*Pick Your Own Flowers

We are going to have our flower garden open every week now. Please feel free to bring your own cutting implements and/or vases. Cut flowers last much longer if placed immediately into water after being cut. We also ask that you please please take care to watch where you step and stay on the grass at all times. The flowers are all mixed together so if you like a variety in the back row and can’t reach it, chances are it’s planted in the front row further down. (I cut the back row for the CSA members in Garrison on Wednesdays, so those flowers are being cut for CSA members!) There are also flowers in the pick your own herb garden.


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