Week Four

My oh my, the season is changing! Expect the following produce this week:


1 bunch chard

1 bunch baby beets with greens

1 bunch mustard greens

baby bok choy

snap peas OR shelling peas

1 bunch cilantro

…and possibly more delicious surprises!

I have no idea what happened to the last week! It was filled to the brim and therefore flew by. This morning I forgot my camera at home, as a result of not thinking that today really was the start of a new week, and thus have no photos to share! Hopefully, I will take some nice photos during the harvests this week and upload them.

Unfortunately I have been cooking the most uninspired meals for dinner these days (with the most amazing produce, to be sure) so I haven’t had much time to experiment in the kitchen with the produce in the shares. I think this might change by this weekend. I am craving a good day (or even partial day) off spent cooking good food and photographing it, so, soon, soon, dear reader I will be back in the culinary groove. For now though, I really am just cooking everything and putting it over pasta. Really. And eating lots of salad, which I hope all shareholders are doing these days too!

As for the new items in this weeks share, here are some tips for preparing them.

Baby Beets with Greens: Tender and sweet tiny beets with luscious tops do quite well when cooked together. The beets can be chopped and added to the saute pan first with some garlic, then the greens added at the end and allowed to wilt. Some good flavor pairings include: sesame oil and ginger; garlic and red pepper; citrus and dill; coriander and cilantro. Beet greens are very similar to chard,so you can use them in the same way, if you decide to use the beets separately from the tops.

Mustard Greens: These assertive greens are among my favorite. My absolute favorite preparation of them is chopped, sauteed with garlic, hot chili flakes and salt and eaten at room temperature. I find mustard greens similar to broccoli raab, so if you have a preparation for broccoli raab you enjoy, try it with mustard!

Baby Bok Choy: New this year! We are growing baby bok choy, and I think you are going to love it! Bok choy is mild and sweet. It is usually prepared by sauteeing the entire plant, either whole or quartered. It pairs well with noodles and grains with a sweet/garlicky/spicey/soy saucey sauce.

Snap Peas or Shelling Peas: Each week you will choose between these two types of peas.  Snap peas can be eaten whole, either cooked or raw.  They make a great healthy treat when eaten raw…if you start snacking in the car, they might not make it home.  Shelling peas are also fantastic, but must be shelled.  These are like the green peas you normally find in the freezer section at the store, only better.  Try them fresh in salad or in any recipe that calls for peas.  Please make sure you only take one of the two types of peas.  They will be available for the next couple of weeks so you can always try the other variety next time.

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