First Distribution Week

It's a field of white! Kale, cabbages and broccoli under row cover.

We’re finally back at it! This spring has been quite interesting so far. Across the region crops are two weeks behind normal. Quite the opposite of last year, when everything grew to maturity two weeks ahead of schedule. It’s always interesting to see how the season progresses.

In order to make these posts easier to publish early in the week, I will start writing a “Farmer’s Notes” post mid-week each week that will have information about the farm and my thoughts on the season…so more on the season so far later in the week!

Produce This Week

Keep your fingers crossed for lettuce and radishes, I am hoping they pull through this week. In addition to these two possible items, expect the following produce in your shares this week:

1 bunch green onions–the giant ones!

1 bunch green garlic

1 bunch chives

1 bunch chard or baby beet greens

1 bunch kale

1 bunch arugula


Green Onions: When people see these, they often declare, “Look at those scallions! They are the biggest I have seen!” Well folks, these are not scallions, they are Dutch walking onions. Rumor has it these beauties were brought over by Polly Armour’s grandfather. They are sweet and hearty, and cook up nicely. Try sesame soba noodles with sauteed green onions for a quick dinner. These beauties are also great slathered in dressing and cooked on the grill.

Green Garlic: This is the entire garlic plant, before the bulb of garlic has matured. Clean it, discard yellow leaves and chop it (think leeks), then saute with olive oil on low heat until wilted and soft and toss with pasta and salt. Yum. I use it in place of garlic cloves in practically everything these days. It’s only a available for a limited time, so enjoy!

Flowering Chives: The flowers are edible! Eat them! Chop the end that keeps all the little pink flowers together off so they separate and toss the flowers with lettuce, arugula and a lemony dressing. You can’t go wrong. Once you have used the flowers, chop the green chives and put them on, say, burritos with sauteed chard and red chili sauce.

Chard and Kale: These two greens are the backbone of greens in my opinion. This winter I had the displeasure of eating (organic) grocery store versions of kale and chard, and my response to Sam was, “Now I know why people think they don’t like these vegetables!” (Okay, I know a few of you truly don’t like kale, and I am learning to be okay with that.) Greens (in addition to most other things) are so much better than their shipped in counterparts. Most people are familiar with kale by now, and I encourage you to try it raw or in our member favorite, chip form. Chard is great. It’s closely related to beets, so beet greens and chard have pretty much the same flavor. I always cook mature chard leaves because they are high in oxalic acid and it irritates my throat. Seriously, try sauteed chard in a burrito with whatever other burrito filling you please, smothered in red chili and top with chopped chives.

2 thoughts on “First Distribution Week

  1. Carolyn Lengel June 2, 2011 — 2:45 am

    I used to think that kale was the least delicious leafy green, but wow, who knew it could be so tasty raw! And the kale in our share today was an order of magnitude better than grocery-store kale. YUM!

    My family likes kale salad–kale chopped in thin ribbons, left in a bowl for a while with lemon juice and salt, and tossed with miso dressing and sunflower seeds. And it’s at least as good the following day when we have some left over–which, alas, today we do not.

    Thanks for the excellent posts and great recipe ideas, Erin! Fresh vegetables and a great blog–what’s not to like??

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