Shares Sold Out for 2011

In our third year of running the CSA program at the Four Winds Farm, we have finally sold out of shares before the season begins. Which is great. Hopefully, it means we are doing something right. While turning member-hopefuls away never feels good, we are all lucky to be in a place where locally produced, chemical-free food is abundant during the growing season. Plus, there are farmers markets galore.

If you came to this site to sign up, here are some local farms you might be interested in joining. To my knowledge, these farms still have shares available. Every farm has a story, so check them out.

In Gardiner:

Phillies Bridge Farm Project

In New Paltz:

Huguenot Street Farm

Brook Farm Project

In High Falls

Clove Valley CSA

In Kingston, Rosendale, Saugerties

Slow Roots Farm

At the markets, excited members come up to me and inevitably ask, “What’s going on at the farm right now?” Well, a lot of seed starting in the greenhouse, seedling care, and farm tidying. Next week, I will probably seed a few things outside, and begin the great race to weed, mulch, plant, and sow until harvest begins. (And then the weed, plant, sow, and harvest cycle begins!) Yesterday, tomatoes were started and 25 trays of kale, broccoli and cabbages were potted up. Our eggplants, peppers, flowers, herbs and celeriac are all putting on tiny leaves. The following photos were taken two weeks ago, but hopefully, you will get the idea of what’s been going on.

Erin's transportation to the farm during fair weather.
Seedlings in trays. They take up so little space now, but soon the plants will fill the farm.
A view of the farm. Not much seems to be happening, but underneath it all, there's a lot going on!

2 thoughts on “Shares Sold Out for 2011

  1. Hooray for Spring! We are looking forward to the first veggies. Just an FYI, I bought a new cookbook to use during the CSA season: “Local Flavors: Cooking and Eating from America’s Farmers’ Markets” by Deborah Madison. Lots of great-looking recipes for kale, parsnips, greens, and you name it. Plus an entire section with fruit recipes, for the goods from the weekend markets.

    1. Nice! I have seen that cookbook around. Looking forward to hearing about your veggie adventures!

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