CSA Photos from 2010

First off, some business. The early sign-up bonus expires on February 15th…that’s only 9 days away! In order to receive your bonus distribution weeks, fill out a 2011 order form and send it in with a full or partial payment and pop it in the mail no later than February 15th.

While searching for a photo to send to a small, local magazine recently, I came across a whole slew of photos taken last season that I never posted. Looking at them made me feel so happy. The photos invoked memories of warmth, work and fresh food. After last weekend’s ice-rain storm, I thought it might be nice to share these photos with you. Hopefully they will illicit a similar response.


Expanding the herb garden. Hopefully we can expand it so much this year that we can do all-season pick your own herbs.
Giant Chinese cabbages!
A distribution set up at the farm.
A distribution set up in Garrison.
Head lettuce. We will be doing a combination of head lettuce and baby lettuce this year.
An over-ripe Costata Romanesca (heirloom) zucchini. Over-ripe zucchinis are perfect for making zucchini bread. The lucky member who took this home probably made three loaves with it!
Sam picking green beans. The one thing we learned about beans last summer, it's no fun when you plant too many bean plants! It was a struggle to pick them all.
The farm during one of the very very few rainstorms last year.
A field of greens.
Cauliflower in the cool tank.
Yes, these are tomato plants! They grew about 18 inches more from the time this photo was taken until the end of the season.

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