Week 15

Hello Everyone,

Expect the following produce in your shares this week:

1 bunch bok choy

1 bunch red mustard

1 bunch raab

1 pound carrots

green beans


sweet peppers

hot peppers

red onions


Eat Your Greens

Greens are back with a vengeance this week in the CSA shares.  And its a good thing too.  Leafy greens provide us with some seriously necessary and beneficial nutrients that we miss on a diet of the summery fruits of August.

All the leafy greens in the CSA share this week are in the same family (Brassica), which contain compounds (glucosinolates) that are being studied for their ability to inhibit cancer.

Mustard Greens, Bok Choy and Raab are also good sources of vitamins K, A, C, E and folate; minerals manganese and calcium; and provide your body with a good supply of B vitamins, potassium and iron.

All these greens pair well with oil and starch: sesame oil and rice, olive oil and pasta, peanut oil and udon noodles.  Of course, the addition of other flavors is a must too; garlic, ginger, basil, cilantro, chopped peanuts and/or hot pepper may be added in well-matched combinations to make a truly flavorful and beneficial meal.

So eat up in good health!

Eat Local Challenge

September is Eat Local month as declared by the farm’s organic certifier, NOFA-NY.  They are conducting a fundraiser this month, so you can sign up for the challenge, donate a few dollars and receive a virtual packet of goodies to help support your local eating habits.

Obviously, whether or not you take the challenge, you all care about fresh, locally produced food because you have joined a CSA this year!  When Sam and I first moved to New York from New Mexico to farm, we wanted every thing we ate to be either grown by us or someone very close.  We ground flour from locally produced grain, bought eggs from down the street (before we had chickens), cheese from the farmer’s market and only used salt, vinegar, spices and oil that were “shipped in” from else where.  In retrospect, we were really doing that to make a statement.  Now we have loosened up a bit and have a more concrete purpose behind what we do as farmers and what we buy as consumers.

We grow food the way we do because its better for our bodies and better for the earth, and we want our dollars to support the same values when we make purchases.  Our biggest purchases?  Well since we grow vegetables, we don’t buy them, but we do buy cheese, grain, flour and beans, as well as oil, vinegar, chocolate, coffee and other flavorful spices and condiments.  Cheese, grain, flour and beans are all produced here in New York State.  Here are our go-to sources for these items.

Acorn Hill Goat Cheese is sold at several farmer’s markets, including the New Paltz farmer’s market on Sundays from 10-3.  Owner and cheese maker Joyce makes several lovely cheeses including chevre, feta and dill and chive creme fraiche.

Wild Hive is an interesting company that also has a cafe and bakery in Clinton Corners.  They got their start milling organic, local grain into flour and baking bread with it in their mobile oven.  They now have a full line of flours, whole grains and polenta, which they sell at farmer’s markets across the state.  Some of their products can also be found in the bulk section at the Health and Nutrition Center in New Paltz.

Cayuga Pure Organics Is a company near Ithaca, NY that grows organic dry beans as well as other grains.  They sell and greenmarkets in NYC and also sell their products through the mail.  Their products are also available through the mail.

If you are interested in formally participating in the Locavore Challenge, just visit the NOFA NY website to sign up.  Good luck and happy eating!

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