Week 14

Hello Everyone,

Expect the following in your shares this week:


1 bunch Mustard Greens

1 bunch Chard

Green Beans

1 pound Purple Carrots

Sweet Peppers

Hot Peppers*



2 Onions

1 head Garlic

*These items will be free choice.

No Saucing This Week

I believe the end of community saucing is over.  It was sort, but sweet while it lasted.  That doesn’t mean tomato season is over though.  With the onslaught of hot, sunny weather, we can expect more tasty tomatoes this week.

Here’s my new tomato obsession, slow-roasted tomatoes.  I got this tip from two different members, tried it out, and it’s absolutely irresistible! 

Roast a sheet pan of halved or quartered tomatoes with olive oil, garlic, rosemary and salt at 250 for up to 6 hours.

This method evaporates the liquid from the tomatoes leaving behind all the sugars, resulting in sweet, meaty tomato goodness.  The tomatoes can be frozen for winter dishes or used immediately.  (I made focaccia studded with these tomatoes two nights in a row.)  They can also be used in sauces, pasta dishes, soups, stews or milled into a thick, sweet sauce.

Pick A Pickle

I really wanted to write a post about pickles and chutneys this week because, well, there is no time like the present, right?  Seriously, the “fruits of the field” are wonderful and fleeting.  Now is the time to preserve the sweet flavors of the 2010 growing season.

Alas, we have in fact failed to pickle in our household this week, so I can hardly share recipes and tips since I have none!  I did find a wonderful site that has oodles of information, all archived and well-written.  I hope you enjoy perusing this site as much as I did, and maybe even find a few pickling projects to commit to.

Make sure to check out the archive section with a list of recipes.  Here’s the link:


While we would love to supply enough bounty for every member to preserve a hearty supply of goods for the summer, we cannot.  it’s neither economical or possible on our meager less-than-two-acres.  If you are interested in “putting up” a supply of food for the off-season, I highly recommend frequenting your local farmer’s market these days and inquiring about bulk discounts.  Many farmers will cut you a good deal, or sell you seconds if you tell them you need veggies for preserving.

Have a great week.

1 thought on “Week 14

  1. Erin: That slow-roasted tomato sounds just great! Can’t wait to try it.

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