A Season Begins

Here we are, with a brand new blog and a brand new season.

We decided that this blog would be a great way to send out our newsletters throughout the season, providing recipes, information, updates and farm news to our farm members and community members alike.  Everyone is free and welcome to join in the discussion through the comments section.

In CSA news, we are feeling very good about the number of memberships we have right now, which means if you are planning on signing up, now is the time.   Here is the 2010 CSA Brochure for those who are interested.

The growing season has officially begun.  Sam and I are so excited about so many new things this year.  The main cause of our excitement is that we are expanding the CSA this year.  We will be growing a number of crops on another property in Gardiner, in addition to the plots we will be using at the Four Winds Farm.  The addition of new land will allow us to accept more memberships, grow more interesting crops and have more wiggle room, since we will be able to plant so much more of everything.

Most of our real, immediate excitement comes from all the work we suddenly find ourselves having to do.  Just three weeks ago, this area was hit with an insane amount of snow.  Just yesterday, our thermometer read 73 degrees.  This means all the snow has melted, all the crops we left in the ground in November now need to be cleaned up, our new property needs to be prepared for planting, our fields will soon need to be weeded, we have to build cold frames and it’s seed starting time.

Seed starting time brings the promise of fresh, in season vegetables, something we have all been craving for the past four months.  Unfortunately, we still have several weeks to go until we be able to be eating lots of farm fresh produce, but the excitement still cries out.  Right now we are starting the solanaceous crops, which include peppers, eggplants and tomatoes.  These crops need between 8-10 weeks of grow-time in the greenhouse in order to be ready to plant outside.  If we start the seeds now, we will be able to plant them right after our last annual frost in mid-May.

The Four Winds Farm Seedling Sale is coming up in May, so for those interested in growing a kitchen garden this year, Jay’s seedling sale should not missed.

If you would like to start your own seeds this year, check out the Hudson Valley Seed Library.  I have been working there this winter, and let me tell you, these folks know their seeds.  They have a wide range of vegetable seeds that do well in New York.  The “library packs” are all seeds saved by the Seed Library or neighboring farms.  Very cool.

1 thought on “A Season Begins

  1. WhooHoo! Go team!

    This is a great idea– keep up the good work Erin and Sam.


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