It breaks our hearts to share that we will not be in production for the 2021 season. Unfortunately, we have lost the lease on our land for the upcoming season and so cannot grow food for our community. We know this is tough news especially in these times of great scarcity. Please explore the many other amazing farms in our region to feed you this season through the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition. We're currently on the hunt for secure land that will provide a foundation of long-time support and nourishment for us, our family and our community. To hear more about the news of our land loss you can read our blog from Week 8 earlier this season. To learn more about our path to land access and provide support follow the link below. Thank you to all who are doing their part to be part be better consumers, humans and allies - farmers need you and so does the world!

About the CSA

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We are a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operation at Four Winds Farm growing certified organic, no-till vegetables in Gardiner, NY.  As a CSA, we offer up to 60 shares. Members buy a ‘share’ of the farm’s vegetables for the season and invest in the farm and we farmers.  You pay in advance, helping us get the head start we need in the spring, and then you get to come pick up a variety of vegetables every week throughout our growing season!  By joining us, you support us by sharing in the rewards and risks of farming, and you also get to eat incredibly fresh food.  We grow our vegetables using a sustainable no-till method put in place at Four Winds by farmers Jay and Polly Armour 23 years ago. Read the “About the Farm” section for more information about our growing practices, and check out Four Winds Farm website.

Second Wind CSA provides a generous amount of diverse, seasonal produce that NY veggie lovers know well, plus some specialty culinary delights.  If you like your vegetables to nourish your artistic, as well as your gastronomic, sensibility, the beautiful produce Second Wind provides might be just the thing for you.

Our share-season runs for 23 weeks, from the first full week in June through the last week in October, plus a Thanksgiving share in November.  We have a Tuesday pickup on the farm and Thursday pickups in Garrison, at beautiful Winter Hill and in Beacon at the Hudson Valley Brewery. Membership cost for the season is a base $600, with a sliding scale option to invest more. This works out to $26 per week cost for up to $80 a week value.  This is an exceptionally great deal for the quantity and quality of food you receive!

For more information, including a list of what we grow and details on membership and signing up, please go to the 2020 CSA INFO page.

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